Chad & Angie Deerman

Lead Pastors

Primary Focus: Preaching, teaching, ministry mission & vision,  leadership training, Life Groups, and finances

“Angie and I marvel at the impact God is making through the FAC family in the greater West Branch area.  Seeing God transform lives on every level is deeply rewarding.  Seeing people become connected to God, connected to the church family, then to the vibrant ministries of FAC, where they find their personal fit, is the foundation of why we are here.  God has given us an incredible vision for what He desires to do in West Branch and beyond. We remain humble at what He has done and continues to do through the many hands that make up FAC."

Brian & Beth Adams

Echo® Worship Arts Director

Primary Focus:  Worship & Creative Arts, Music, Technology,  Data and Data Systems, and New Believer Follow up

“Seeing and hearing people worship God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. There’s nothing more awesome than having a room full of people facing you while you’re onstage, and all of them singing to God.  They are not concerned with those around them, but totally abandoned to giving all they have to the One who gave all He has.   And even more so, watching people who are new in their faith learn that they too can abandon themselves in worshiping our Great God!"

Angie Deerman

Children's Ministries & finances team

Primary Focus:  Finance Team, Nursery-elementary age ministries,  children’s outreach events, and Fine Arts.

"My favorite things about Kid Ministry is having the opportunity to share Jesus with a child for the first time.  I love introducing them to all of the exciting stories in the Bible.  I also LOVE to help kids discover their ministry gifts and watch them as they grow & begin to use these gifts."

Mike & Marie Kler

FINance Team Staff & Staff development

Primary Focus: Staff Development & Training, Church Leadership Training,  Finance Team

“Seeing people discover the relationship that God desires to have with them, and through the ministry of the local church, people finding all that that relationship can be is the most satisfying part of ministry to me.  Marie and I have lived our life together asking God to show us where we can help people in need, and be used by Him to meet those needs.   ‘See needs. Meet needs’ has been our prayer for the 20 years we have been married.
We are so privileged to link arms with Pastor Chad and Faith Alive Church to play our part in seeing people discover all that a relationship with God can be.”

Kriss Goodroe  MA, LPC

True North COunseling, Coaching & Mentoring

Primary Focus:  Director of True North Counseling, Coaching, and Mentoring Ministry & Team Development

“What is most exciting to me in my work as Director of True North is to see individuals, couples, and families transformed and strengthened by counsel.  It is this transformation that reveals God's direction, grace, and love for people and their lives." 

Jeff & Jen Westheim

Crossfire Student Ministries Pastor

Primary Focus:  Middle School & High School Ministries, campus ministry,  student missions, and Fine Arts

“What is most exciting to us is that we get to work with young people at the most critical stage of life.  Statistically by age 14 an individual's beliefs, habits, and core values will be cemented into their character forever.  We are on the front lines in the last pliable moments of a student's life.  Helping them to set into concrete the values that will shape their entire life.”

Jim & June Westheim

EXec. Admin. Pastor

Primary Focus: Ministry oversight, vision planning & implementation,  ministry team development, and administrative assistance

“What is most exciting to us about the ministry we are engaged in, is that we have the opportunity every day to take vision and lay tracks to its reality.  Bringing people together, drawing out the vision, and helping build the plans that ultimately impact people for Christ, could not be more rewarding.  Seeing people become engaged in this process and cause is energizing and drives all that we do, and all we do as a church family.”

Jacqui Sholes

Church Receptionist

Primary Focus:  Incoming call reception and transfer, H.U.G.S Ministry Scheduling,  eBulletin &  eSermon Notes and Push® Notifications, staff projects, and True North Scheduling  

"Working at Faith Alive Church for me means having the blessed opportunity to work within a community of love. I enjoy supporting the leadership staff in projects and weekly necessities.  It is a great joy to be able to be apart of this amazing church and watch God-fueled ministry reach the lives of those of our community everyday."

Luann Beck

True North Intake Receptionist & Church Receptionist 

Primary Focus:  Incoming call reception and transfer, True North client intake scheduling and record keeping, and staff projects.

"What I enjoy about my work is noticing that people, who come through the doors, get assistance through different ministries within FAC.  God's love is truly shown in all areas."

Kim Norton


Primary Focus:  Custodial Services

"I totally love my work.  I enjoy working with the people here and the atmosphere is wonderful, upbeat, and we work as a team.  I love to make the church look beautiful.  I work for God and take great pride in what I do."