Circles are better than rows

We strongly believe that connection, relationship and discipleship all stem from connection to a small group.  
 It's the feeling of big church made small in relationships

There are four types of Life Groups
•   Social Interest Model -These groups center on the social interaction that is typically around an interest, i.e golf, hunting, fishing, scrapbooking, batting, etc.  They meet in peoples homes as well as location where the interests find their expression.

•  Hobbies & Passions Model -T/hese groups meet around common interests.  i.e. Fishing, sports, scrapbooking, hunting, crafts, fitness, shooting range, motor cycles, ATV, canoeing/kayaking, hiking, walking, biking, antiquing, etc.  Their locations and meeting times depend on the area. and even the season of the year.

•   Bible Study Model  -These groups meet in homes, on campus, local eating establishments, parks etc.  They center on books of the Bible or on books from Christian authors that the group goes through together.  They are engaging and social based as well, and usually have food attached.  Some have child care are well.

•   Sunday Series Model  -These groups meet in homes and on campus and center on the message from the previous Sunday.   They dig deeper into the message with questions and added verses provided to them.  This helps the message stick even better and find greater application into personal growth.  Food is usually attached, as is child care for some of them.   

"And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.”

MattHEW 18:20