What is Kingdom Builders?

In 2020 FAC began taking a huge step of faith by taking 10% from our General Fund and funding our normal monthly missions commitment to missionaries, ministries, and projects worldwide.  We then began what we call Kingdom Builders [KB3].  Out of a passion for missions, the Kingdom Builders Team annual meets to hand-select projects and partnerships for the coming year and presents them to your church.  These areas of added giving above the 10% center on three areas of missional focus, local impact, global impact, and next-gen impact.  
In the simplest terms, in 2021 we will have doubled our missions giving and impact in a single year.  Annually FAC family gives Faith Promise pledges to the Kingdom Builders as a whole and those funds are given proportionally to each of the projects and partnership of KB3.
As the church grows and income increases, we are able to do more for our existing missionaries and ministries and increase our KB3 projects as God provides and people give.  

This is taking Missions to a whole new level!

Here are the 2021 KB3 projects and Partnerships 

Active Missionaries FAC supports monthly from the General Fund

Home Missionaries

Paul Burkhart - Chi Alpha*
Ernie Bywater - network211 Military Internet Ministries
Mason Corwin - Chi Alpha
Jason Forman -Campus Ministries
Gregg Glutting - Chi Alpha
Nino Guarisco - Chi Alpha
Steve Lehman - Chi Alpha
Randy Merren - Detroit
Gary Miller - Chi Alpha
Teen Challenge, Saginaw
Teen Challenge, Muskegon
Scott Shank - Chi Alpha
*ChiAlpha is a college based university campus ministry

Other Missions Work

A/G Michigan Youth Camps
Caring Pregnancy Center
Ralph & Aleda Gilmore, Honduras, C.A. 
Metanoia Mission
True North CCM, Inc.

Foreign Missionaries

BA - Argentina
DB - Cambodia
KB - Argentina
JB - Moldova
BC - Ireland
PC - Germany
RC - Philippines
CC - Central Europe
JD - Inner Mongolia
GG - Albania
EG - Mid East
WH - Nicaragua
DJ - Africa
JK - China
BL - Malta
DM - Mid East
RM - Poland
TM - Africa
CM - Life Publishing
LM - China
SP - Kenya
KP - Spain
KP - Germany
JR - Ecuador
NS - Cen Eurasia
SS - Japan
BT - Macedonia
JV - Thailand
Due to the sensitive areas that some missionaries are serving in, we have only included their initials

Encourage our active missionaries

Write an encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.