Proverbs 34:5

Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.

Life Group® Circles are better than rows®

Kathy Williams, Director of Radiant Women

How often as women, do we wish that there was a place that we could come together for encouragement, friendship, and inspiration? A place free of judgement from the past? A place where we can be women and share our heart and know that we are completely loved and accepted by like-minded women sharing the love of God to us, his beloved princess daughters. A place where we come together as like-minded women and be real. Women have an innate need to connect with other women for friendship.  I saw that need many years ago, and as a rise to  that need both in myself and others I said yes to what God had called and prepared within my heart.
Women’s ministry has been a passion for me for over 22 years.  The joy of my heart is in connecting women to each other and ultimately to Jesus Christ, our most perfect and safe daddy.  In the 22 years I have been leading women’s ministry I have witnessed that every single woman that I have encountered without exception, has a story. Some of those stories are filled with guilt, shame, and regret, but regardless of the story, we all have one.  We as women, like to crown ourselves as Queen of Guilt, however; I remind myself often that, “Jesus died for me, and I need to act like it.”   Regardless of the stories, the pasts, the hurts, the shame, the guilt- Jesus loves YOU and me. He died for YOU and me, so that we can not only be saved, but also so we can be forgiven, free, and full of the radiant joy that he came to give us even while we are still here on earth. We can lay down our crooked crown and tattered clothes of the self-imposed Queen of Guilt and put on what Jesus has died for… forgiveness, hope and peace.  No longer Queen of Guilt, instead beautiful, beloved, princesses, daughter of the most high God! I challenge us as women to live our lives forgiven, daily. Live our lives as a daughter of the most high God! We are indeed princesses and the Lord Jesus Christ is our Daddy. He is safe, he is gentle, and he loves you beyond measure!

Be Blessed!  You are Loved!

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