What's Your Story?

So many stories and so many ways to celebrate

We all have a story to tell.  New Life Sunday occurs each 5th Sunday.  It is a day that both public and personal, prayerful expressions of God's life-changing power are heard and expressed.  Each expression has a journey of faith behind it.  Maybe your story is leading you to follow Jesus’ command to be baptized in water, with its public declaration of personal faith in Jesus Christ.  It will be a day you will never forget, ever.    

Perhaps as parents, your story has brought you to the point where you want to dedicate yourselves and your baby or toddler to the Lord.  It is a public affirming of your desire to raise your child in the wisdom and patterns of God's Word.  It will be a day that you will look back on as that path became solid, and your child will hear about as they grow.  

Maybe your journey and searching for a church home has been long, but you have discovered that Faith Alive Church is the place you want to call home.  In fact, you are ready to bring your blend of giftings and passions for God with the vision, mission and core values of Faith Alive Church.  Your decision to become a Partner in Ministry will have a lasting and eternal impact, as together we serve the Cause of Christ as a ministry family.  

Certainly, all who have a personal faith in Jesus Christ recognize that new life in Christ has its foundation in the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.  Remembering that and celebrating what that freedom has brought is what receiving communion is all about.  Whether corporately or privately with friends and family, it is a powerful reflection every time it is shared.  

New Life Sunday is all about these celebrations and the stories we each carry.  What story in your life needs to be expressed?  There is no better time than now.

Sharing our stories together,
-Chad & Angie, Lead Pastors