What is the One® Challenge

The One® Challenge is a part of the Faith Alive  culture.
We encourage and foster connection to the lifestyle of giving God:
• One hour each week in personal one to one connection.  10 minutes a day reading His Word and prayer, etc.
• One hour in corporate worship with other believers and grow in that experience.
• One hour in service each week using the gifts and talents He has given us.
It has been profound what has happened in the lives of people that have made this heart choice.
No one tracks it or even asks, but they are easy to spot, as they are some of the most passionate and engaged people attending.  When people make this on hour choice it changes... everything.

The Inward Hour

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Here are great articles on cultivating that inward hour

One hour that can change everything...

"The Bible that is falling apart, usually belongs to the person who isn't"


Corporate worship not only draws us to God, but into greater relationship with each other.
Here are great articles on cultivating that greater heart for worship and for others.

Worship is far more than singing songs.  It's a life style.

Worship revolves around our time, talents, and what we treasure.

It's about giving Him the first fruits of our lives, because he is worthy of each of them. 


Your connection in service for the Lord begins here

An invitation from Chad & Angie

Hi friend,

Angie & I are very excited about your decision to complete this two part process with the Spiritual Gifting Assessment and Placement Interview.  

This is not a test so there is no pass or fail.  It is simply an indicator of where God has specifically gifted you.  It helps us help you find the perfect fit in ministry at Faith Alive.  We believe that everyone has a special role to fill in God’s work and you are about to discover yours.

Part one is the assessment, which will shed new light on the special you that God has created and gives us a pretty clear picture of both your Primary and Secondary Giftings.  We will share more about that aspect in part two.  This part is really eye opening and will be quite enjoyable.

Part two is the Placement Interview.  Don’t let this scare you in any way, because it is truly fun and enlightening as well.  We will look at your assessment together and shed even more light on the…YOUnique gifts and talents God has given you and how they can find root at Faith Alive.  We will then help you find that place to land and begin seeing the fruit of what God has created.  Everyone who has experienced this informative time agrees it was time well spent.  

You will discover:  
People in the Bible who have your same gifts    
Where your gift is specifically found in scripture
Cautions about your gifting -every gift has cautions with them
Evidences that you have that specific gift

It’s really cool, so we say Go for it!

-Chad & Angie
Lead Pastors, Faith Alive Church

Your adventure begins here...

Worship is far more than singing songs.  It's a life style.